Real Estate Divorce Specialists

Although everyone claims that we do everything together, getting a divorce at the same time was not in our plan.

Both divorces were at times a bit contentious, and we each gained great insight from these experiences. We are the team Broker/Owners of Your Paradise Group, a real estate company in Destin, FL and are now Real Estate Divorce Specialists.

Our Divorce Story

Both being Realtors, we thought we had that part covered when it came to selling the joint marital property. Or so we thought.

Lisa says she failed to remember the emotional stress involved in selling a personal home where her boys grew up, and also failed to request the washer and dryer remain until the home sold. Each laundry day she is reminded of some of the things she might have done different.

For Robbie, her biggest lesson was in trust and intent. As the divorce goes on, memories and intent change and she truly recommends that nothing be left out of the divorce agreement in terms of how and when any property will be sold.

Through own own experiences, we have always lived and worked with the mantra of wanting to help others. An article printed by the Florida Association of Realtors about a Divorce Real Estate Certification encouraged both of us to pursue this track for other similarly situated individuals.

This summer, we became the Florida Panhandle’s first Real Estate Divorce Specialists. We join 7 others in the State of Florida with this special certification.

Our Job. Our Mission.

What we have found when working with our clients is that often what a couple thought was their greatest asset, their home, is now upside down in value and actually a liability.

For the husband and wife, it’s emotional because often children were raised there.

Our job is to realize the emotional drain, but also the financial stress. We help you work through it with a clear mind to get is sold, and get it behind you.

While many divorcing couples at one time had assets to split, today many divide deficiencies and liabilities.

With short sales so common in the market, one of the pitfalls that must be worked through is one spouse not wanting to sell and possibly derail the sale for either personal gain or emotional distress.

We know how to work with the accountants, financial planners, therapists and divorce attorneys to help our clients make unemotional decisions to move on with their lives.

Collaborative Law Divorce

One of the new movements in Florida over the last ten years that works very well with Real Estate Divorce Specialists is Collaborative Law Divorce.

Collaborative Law Divorce is a non-adversarial process in which all work as a team with trained professionals to resolve disputes respectfully and privately.

Experts can be jointly retained, who remain neutral, but can offer valuable knowledge. In our area it would be helpful in finding value for residential, investment or commercial properties, along with marketing times and absorption rates.

At the end of the day, often there is still some sort of ongoing involvement with the ex-spouse. We hope to help our clients move past one segment that can hold them back from enjoying the rest of lives with this financial piece behind them.

For more information please read the 2012 Florida Statutes on Divorce